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accounting for a small business
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Williamson Consulting Group provides consulting for small businesses, providing services ranging from CEO coaching, employee hiring and screening, books and accounting, and aquisitions.

CEO & Executive Coaching

HR Strategies

They consult on the processes of hiring, training, and firing. As a sub-topic, they want to mention helping with Workers Comp. They can help put workers comp in place and how to best manage and control correctly so it doesn’t cost more than it should.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

They consult on the processes of accounting and bookkeeping. They also provide bookkeeping services. They don’t want to be known or seen as a CPA even though the person helping actually is a CPA. As a sub-topic, they want to mention helping with tax credits. They help businesses understand what tax credits they can take advantage of.

Business Funding

They consult with businesses to get funding to grow.

New Business Startup

They consult businesses through the whole startup process. From setting up the actual business, licenses, permits, software, etc.

Sales Strategy

They consult with their management and sales team to develop a specific sales strategy and action plan. They work with sales people to come up with exactly what to do to increase sales.