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consultants for small businesses
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Who We Are ?

Williamson Consulting is a full-service consulting firm committed to customized, effective services for small and growing businesses.

Our team of business experts provides detailed specialized services and will take your strategic business operations to the next level. We believe our clients’ success is our success, and always look for ways to minimize liabilities, project for future trends, and improve your personal and professional bottom line. The real difference is customer service.

Personable, experienced, and relationship-driven, we are committed to staying connected to our clients to completely understand your situation, your business, and your goals. For any level of service – whether coaching, auditing or long-term strategy – you will receive the resources you need with the personal service you deserve.

Wayne has 45 years in general management, sales leadership, and new start-up experience in both publicly traded and privately held firms. He started his first staffing business in 1968, growing into 35 offices in 12 states and successfully selling it to his 13 partners. From there, Williamson was recruited to manage the sales for the 400 offices of Snelling and Snelling, Inc.

After serving for nearly two years, Williamson returned to Louisiana and once again built his staffing business to 35 offices and $48 million in sales before selling to a Japanese company in 2003. He continued to run that business, reaching a new high of 90 offices and $220 million in sales with over 600 employees; shortly after his retirement in January 2010, Williamson chose to continue his work through Willimason Consulting Group.

Larry is a CPA with five years’ experience in public practice, auditing many types of business. Additionally, he has over 30 years’ experience in specialized industry acquisitions, sales and mergers. He is a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and served 6 years as the Controller, then CFO and Director of HR for a large time share resort.

Mr. Seab’s experience includes over 25 years in private business providing accounting services, preparation of financial statements, cash-flow statements, budgets, as well as consulting in financing, tax structures for individuals, corporations, limited liability companies (LLC’s), partnerships, Homeowner Associations (HOA’s) and 501c3 non-profit organizations.

Need help starting-up, solving a problem, or handling growth?