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Financial Service

Williamson Consulting offers a range of strategic financial services designed to minimize your tax liabilities and drive your bottom line.

We believe that annual tax strategies should evolve and grow with you and your business. By understanding your financial history and future projections, we work to proactively position you for future growth and changes in the tax code with forward-thinking tax strategies and value-added services.

If you have successfully started your own business, you obviously are good at what you do.  Chances are, however, that bookkeeping and accounting may not be in your skill set.  Even so, if your business is a solo enterprise or still in the startup phase, you may choose to handle the bookkeeping and some accounting chores yourself if you have the time and the ability.

However, as your business grows, there will be more demands on your time, and you will most likely find bookkeeping/accounting a tedious chore.  It’s no surprise that accounting and bookkeeping are two of the most common consulting activities farmed out by small businesses. You, too, will come to the point where you must ask yourself three questions:

  1. What is my time worth?
  2. Can I do as good a job as a professional in this field?
  3. What else can a professional do for me that I am missing?

We here at Williamson Consulting are prepared to consult with you on the processes of accounting and bookkeeping.  Although we are not a CPA firm, a professional CPA will be at involved at every step.  We also provide full bookkeeping services.  You will find in as little as a few hours a month, our bookkeeper can do most of your record keeping, including submitting invoices, paying bills, doing payroll, and prepping the company accounts for tax season.

An accountant can provide you not only with accurate and professional bookkeeping, but as a tax expert he can keep you abreast of tax changes that may affect your business. The best perk of having a tax professional is that he can make recommendations on how to lower your taxes.  For instance, should you incorporate?  Should you lease or purchase your business space? Are there any other ways that you can cut business costs?

Your business may only need the services of an accountant for a few hours a year, but it may be well worth your while.  Let Williamson Consulting match you and your business with the bookkeeping and accounting services that will navigate the maze of tax laws and provide the financial advice you need to best manage and grow your business.

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  • Business Consultation
  • Financial Forecasting & Projections
  • Audit Services
  • Bankruptcies
  • Business Valuations
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